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Brought to you by The Whalebone Hot Sauce Co. (a division of Whalebone Thermodynamics)

Tia Lupita Hot Sauces

Herein, the ultimate guide to which hot sauce in The Hot Sauce Issue will annihilate you and which will not, and all the other stuff you may be wondering about like where to buy them and what their slogans are and who is from Canada and who is actually a sticker company or a magazine and all that jazz. Time to get saucy.

The spice of chili peppers are ranked on the Scoville Scale, measured in Scoville heat units (SHU). The world’s hottest pepper, the Carolina Reaper, measures at 2,200,000 units, the jalapeño ranges from 2,500–8,000 units, for reference. (We measure things in Whalebone Heatness Units, which work a little differently.) To learn more about the fierceness of the Carolina Reaper, please contact Matt, the assistant to the regional manager, who has first-hand experience with the Reaper (photo evidence in The Hot Sauce Issue of Whalebone Magazine). We suggest doing so before consuming anything near as spicy. Anyway, now you know how hot sauces are measured and that Matt may or may not be okay. Carry on. Read More...

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