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Gringas Quesadilla

Tia Lupita Gringas Quesadillas

Serve with: 8 Tia Lupita Cactus Tortillas (grain free or corn masa)
Tia Lupita Salsa Verde


1 c. Al Pastor pork (or your favorite pulled pork, ham, cooked ground beef or chicken)

½ c. diced pineapple, fresh or canned

1 c. shredded monterey jack cheese

8 Tia Lupita Cactus Corn Masa Tortillas

Oil spray

Heat a frying pan or comal over medium heat and add a light spray of olive oil.
Add one tortilla to pan.
Top with one quarter of the meat, cheese and pineapple.
Top with an additional tortilla.
Heat until cheese is melted and ingredients are warmed, flipping once.
Repeat with remaining ingredients.

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