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Collage of family photos and memories with the text 'OUR STORY' in bold letters Hector Saldivar's story about his mother, Tia Lupita, and the family kitchen filled with love, laughter, and tasty eats. Includes a family photo with text explaining the legacy of family recipes and Tia's hot sauce Hector Saldivar moved to San Francisco, California, and received hot sauce shipments from Tia to remind him of home. Includes a vintage street photo with text 'FROM TIA'S KITCHEN TO YOURS' Hector shares Tia's irresistible hot sauce with friends, leading to bottling the sauce for everyone. Includes an image of a hot sauce bottle with the text 'TIA'S IRRESISTIBLE HOT SAUCE' Tia Lupita's brand story honoring Hector's mother and the legacy of family recipes. Includes a photo of Tia with a curler in her hair and information about their healthy products
Our Story
One Man's quest to bring his mexican home to the table
Our family legacy
From Tia's kitchen to yours
Tia's irresistible hot sauce!
Tia Lupita

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