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Explanation of the Nopales Cactus (aka Prickly Pear) as Mexico's darling and its significance from the dinner plate to the economy and flag. Includes cactus illustrations A love story between cactus and Tia Lupita, highlighting the family from Monterrey, Mexico, and their love for tacos and quesadillas. Discusses the carb and calorie-friendly benefits of cactus. Includes a cactus illustration Instructions on how to prepare cactus by removing spines, boiling or grilling, and serving as a salad or with eggs. Promotes Lupita Chips and Tortillas. Includes a background of tacos. Collaboration with Renewal Mill to create the best tasting, grain-free tortilla using upcycled Okara flour. Focus on sustainability and innovative ingredients. Includes text 'THE CACTUS, UPCYCLED OKARA & SUSTAINABILITY' Explanation of upcycled foods, turning waste into nutritious inputs like Okara for grain-free tortillas. Highlights the benefits for both people and the planet. Includes text 'WHAT ARE UPCYCLED FOODS?'
Why we love cactus and why you should too!
A love story between cactus and Tia Lupita
Ready for a taste of Cactus?
the Cactus, Upcycled Okara & Sustainability
What are upcycled foods?

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