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Meet Tia Lupita

A story of one man’s quest to bring the bright, bold flavors of his Mexican home to your table.

Hector Saldivar, knows that Food is Love. His mother, known affectionately as Tia Lupita ("Aunt Lupita" in Spanish), filled the family kitchen with the love, laughs and tasty eats that brought everyone together. In Mexico, family recipes are valuable heirlooms carefully handed down from generation to generation. Tia perfected her own family hot sauce recipe to create a delightful balance of heat and flavor, coveted by anyone lucky enough to get a taste.

When Hector moved to San Francisco, California, Tia would ship him bottles of her hot sauce, to make certain he always had a taste of home with him. Hector shared the love, and soon friends would come knocking, looking for the next delivery of Tia’s irresistible hot sauce. Too good to keep to himself, Hector returned to Mexico and asked for his mother's blessing to bottle the sauce for all to enjoy.

The brand is named Tia Lupita to honor his mom and the legacy of the family recipe. Tia's likeness on the label pays homage to her most-loved trademark: wearing a curler on her head while she cooks to keep her bangs out of her eyes! Complementing the completely craveable hot sauce, you’ll find more creative, healthy products have joined the lineup including Grain Free Cactus Tortilla Chips and Cactus Tortillas. Keep in touch to see what’s next!

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