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Indie-Made Hot Sauces You’ll Want to Put on Everything

Indie Hot Sauces

Tia Lupita is a line of non-GMO certified hot sauces named after owner Hector Saldívar’s own mother, thanks to her integral part in crafting all the recipes. “If we could use her wooden spoon to measure ingredients, we would!” Saldívar joked to Thrillist.

The hot sauces are made in tiny batches in order to ensure the highest quality and the ingredients -- of which there are only seven -- are simple and recognizable. Though Saldívar faces some challenges creating hot sauce this way, like being unable to get discounts on larger orders of materials, his focus remains on quality. “[We] ensure that every bottle that comes out of the line has been made with the highest standards and best ingredients… For us, there is no other way. We are honoring and keeping true to my mom’s family recipe and process. And like everything that is made with love and care, it takes time. You can’t rush perfection.”

Tia Lupita’s has four hot sauces in total: salsa verde, chipotle sauce, habanero sauce, and their original hot sauce. The OG hot is a favorite of mine -- bright, spicy, and subtly sweet, too. It works great on breakfast tacos, used as a tortilla chip dip, and perfect in a tomato-forward michelada.


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