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Tia Lupita is your new favorite hot sauce

Tia Lupita Products
Tia Lupita Products Featured in a video
Hector Saldivar had one mission: to bring his family's hot sauce to the world! After growing up in Northern Mexico, he was shocked to find the lack of healthy hot sauce options when he moved to San Francisco. He talked to his mom, Tia Lupita, into letting him use his family's recipe and the rest is history. Now, it's so popular they can barely keep it on the shelves!

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Hector Saldivar of Tia Lupita

WATCH: Tia Lupita targets Gen Z, Millennials with authentic Mexican cuisine with a healthier spin: 'It's guiltless taco nights'

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Tia Lupita Hot Sauces Featured in Indie-Made Hot Sauces You'll Want to Put on Everything

Indie-Made Hot Sauces You’ll Want to Put on Everything


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