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Media Mania


We’re feeling the love! Food writers have been raving about the great taste of our authentic Tia Lupita® Hot Sauce and Tia Lupita® Salsa Verde. San Francisco Chronicle writer Sarah Fritsche was really impressed after she sampled Tia Lupita® Hot Sauce at the Fancy Food Show in California.  She said, “Hands down the best thing I tasted at the food show this year was a pleasantly peppery and spicy condiment from Hector Salidvar. It’s a flavorful sauce with the just the right amount of heat to not detract from the food you use it on.” Thanks, Sarah. My Mom, Tia Lupita®, and I feel very proud. Our sauces are made from family recipes that go back several generations.

More Kudos

Another thanks to writer Gil Zeimer who told the story of Tia Lupita® Hot Sauce in the Marin Independent Journal. He noted that “sales are hotter than Hector’s mom’s sauce.” Good news travels fast, I guess! But it’s not only the great taste of Tia Lupita® Hot Sauce that’s attracting attention. Our label made the cover of the Marin County Alternative News Weekly. Writer Tanya Henry wrote: “The condiment’s label – which features a hand-drawn image of a woman with a pink curler in her hair, glasses and a big smile on her face – brings a fresh sensibility to a category overcrowded with hyper-macho images.” Thanks for noticing, Tanya!


That drawing is my Mom, who always wears a big pink curler to hold back her hair while she cooks. (Thankfully, I did not inherit the pink curler gene.) There are so many hot sauce labels featuring tough-guy images of the devil, flames or raging bulls. I decided to lighten up our label and focus on Mom’s home cooking.

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