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Tia Lupita Proudly Presents: Salsa Verde

Tia Lupita Salsa Verde

Hot news from the hot sauce experts! We have just launched our new Tia Lupita Salsa Verde. Somebody get me a taco or a quesadilla, quick! Less than a year after introducing our signature red Tia Lupita Hot Sauce, I have finally perfected this zesty green salsa that wakes up every dish it meets.

Just Like Mom Makes

Full of flavor and balanced with the perfect amount of heat. You’re gonna love the bright, punchy mixture of ripe tomatillos and mild heat from green jalapenos blended into smooth creamy salsa perfection. Like our Tia Lupita Hot Sauce, our Tia Lupita Salsa Verde is a generations-old family recipe handed down to me from my Mom, known by our friends as Tia Lupita. We make it the same way she does, in small batches using only six simple ingredients.

Anything Goes

Our Salsa Verde goes with anything. It’s fantastic with grilled or slow-cooked beef, pork and chicken. I like it with seafood too or anything served with a tortilla. And, oh yeah, sometimes I mix it into rice or pour it onto eggs. How do you use our Salsa Verde? Tell us by tagging us @tialupitahotsauce or

About Us

Tia Lupita is a family-owned craft food business based in the San Francisco Bay area. We are proud members of, which only accepts companies with the highest standards for taste, authenticity and responsible food production. Because we have close ties to local farmers, we can track our peppers and tomatillos from seed to harvest. You might say we obsess over each ingredient. And though Mom taught me never to brag, I just have to say this: Every bottle of Tia Lupita sauce contains all natural, non-GMO and gluten-free ingredients with no added sugar and very little salt. But lots of awesomeness. Lots.


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