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WATCH: Tia Lupita targets Gen Z, Millennials with authentic Mexican cuisine with a healthier spin: 'It's guiltless taco nights'

Hector Saldivar of Tia Lupita
Hector Saldivar of Tia Lupita

After more than a decade working in the food industry, Hector Saldivar knew the lay of the land better than most aspiring entrepreneurs when he quit the day job in 2016 to start his own food brand, Tia Lupita, and part of that was knowing the power of a good story.


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Tia Lupita Hot Sauce on a taco

Tia Lupita Is More Than a Bottle of Hot Sauce

Earn A Tia Lupita Freebie

Earn a Tia Lupita Freebie

Tia Lupita Products

Tia Lupita is your new favorite hot sauce


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